Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Useful Keyboard shortcut for Eclipse

Eclipse Shortcuts

F3                              Jumps to include file or variable declaration/definition.

Alt+← / Alt+→        Navigate through my source to back and forward.

Ctrl+Space               Content assist which proposes methods/member variables and more based on                                                              my typing.

Ctrl+3                      Quick Access let me go to views, perspectives and more

Ctrl+M                     Maximizes the current view or editor. Press Ctrl+M again and it goes back to                                                                   the previous size.

Ctrl+Shift+/             Insert block comment, remove it again with Ctrl+Shift+\

Ctrl+Shift+T           Open an element with wildcard support.

Ctrl+F7                   Switch to next view. Pressing again Ctrl+F7 let you iterate to the next view.

Ctrl+Shift+F7         for previous view.

Ctrl+Alt+h              Opens the call hierarchy.

Ctrl-O                      Open the Quick Outline View.

Ctrl+L                      Jump to Line Number. To hide/show line numbers, press ctrl+F10 and select                                                                  'Show Line Numbers'

Ctrl+F10, then n      Show or hide line numbers

Ctrl+Shift+P            With a bracket selected: jump to the matching closing or opening bracket

Ctrl+↓/Ctrl+↑          Scroll Editor without changing cursor position

Ctrl+D                      Delete Line

Ctrl+Delete              Delete next word

Ctrl+Backspace      Delete previous word

Shift+Ctrl+Y           Change selection to all lower case

Shift+Ctrl+X            Change selection to all upper case

Ctrl+K/Ctrl+Shift+K Find previous / find next occurrence of search term (close find window first)

Ctrl+H                     Search Workspace (Java Search, Task Search, and File Search)

Ctrl+/                       Comment / uncomment line or selection ( adds '//' )

Shift+Ctrl+à /ß   Change selection 

Ctrl + E                   for a list of editor

Ctrl+F6                   for switching to the next editor through a list

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