Friday, 11 December 2015

Recover your lost file after Notepad ++ crash or Notepad++ not working.

What if your notepad++ crash while you are updating your file or doing something on notepad++ and suddenly you got error message and  after restart notepad++ you see the file is empty!!!!!!!! I am sure it will make you crazy and your mind will running like electricity ,may be you will loss temper on notepad++.This thing happens with me ones during working on my project. Luckily we have solution if this thing happens to you gain. You can recover your file and its content.

Step 1. When Notepad++ crash

You are updating your file, suddenly following screen appears on your window
source code editor has stopped working. i.e notepad ++ crash !!!.after pressing "Closing the program"
your notepad++ will restart .After restart you will notice you file as blank. Your Mind Also will be BLANK!!!!!!!

Then do not close the notepad++ or not change any things.

Step 2. Locate the file in Notepad++ Cache

Here is simple shortcut to locate the local copy of the file.system always make path for heaven so find it in cache.

Press WinKey+R . Now in run textbox enter the path below.


Step 3.Create backup of the cache file

After pressing OK button of run window it will open other window like below.Now in backup folder all your edited files present . And Supersonically you will fill safe and Heaven.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Locate and copy the file  for backup copy the file on desktop .
After creating backup ,you can restart your Notepad++ (GNU) .

Step 4. Recover the file.

After open backup folder you will see below window in which you will see your last edited file.Open those file using notepad++ or with notepad++.It will open your lost data.

So  next time if notepad crashes while uploading then keep these steps in mind.

Now Be Relex and Carry on your work.Be Happy.


  1. Sir I have xilinx 14.5 that i've downloaded from site itself. I saw your post where you were working with its license file. Unfortunately i cannot find the crack on the internet. If you still have that crack directory then can you please share it? I've sent you a message on hangouts too! please help me.

  2. thank you so much ,i was worried about that ,finally i got solution. thank you...............