Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Python in eclipse

In industry especially in Aerospace, some of the projects are based on the Python language for verification purpose. In that case developer or verifier deals with the source or application code written in python. In most of the cases it's not just couple of files to deal with but has large amount of files and it's support files too. If person need to trace code and require to find definitions of support functions and class then it becomes tedious. To make it easy, Eclipse is the solution to deal with.

Given below are steps to use Eclipse for your Python Project.

Steps to Configure Eclipse on your Windows PC:
A. Download Eclipse software for your 32/64 bit OS from internet or by other way.
B. If you are using java 32 then use 32bit of eclipse version else 64 bit eclipse version.
C. Follow the steps mentioned in: to add python plugin in existing eclipse.
D. Link with existing source so that your .py scripts and utility both clubbed together as mentioned in below steps (“Steps to create Python Project”).

Steps to create Python Project:
Please refer link file "Create Python Project in Eclipse.docx" for detail.

Steps to Run Python script from Eclipse:
Please refer link file "Steps to run python file in Eclipse.docx" for detail.

Note: Here i gave a reference of PFCC project in attached document. In general, everybody should start to referring from step 2 of this document.

For getting clear doubts one can refer link

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