Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Function list for TCL file in notepad++

Method for the Function List Work for Tcl script

Hello Guys,One more good solution for notepad++.When I was doing my project i came across that function list is not visible for tcl script file and without function list ,it is very tedious to understand code or edit code.so just google it and explore some solution regarding this.Here I tried to explain solution with step by step so it is easy to understand.

Open functionList.xml file (Location : C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\)in an editor.  FunctionList.xml is in the installation directory of Notepad++.
Add this line to the section with all the other association-entries.

 <association langID="29" id="tcl_procedure"/>

Add this to the section <parsers>

<parser id="tcl_procedure" displayName="Tcl source" commentExpr="(#)">
            mainExpr="^[\t ]*((proc)[\s]+)[^\n]+\{"
            <nameExpr expr="[\w: ]+ \{.*\}"/>

Now press Windows key and go to run window

Then write below line in run window


Then It will open window from them just delete functionList.xml file.It is actually cache file.

 Restart Notepad++.

 here you go.......

Reference For BASH script:-


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