Monday, 2 March 2015

cloud computing

Cloud Computing :huh: :huh: :huh: !!!!!!!!

Its a big name companies are moving into now a days.

But What actually is cloud computing ???

In simple terms, I would like to explain you is : Accessing, editing, providing & storing all your data and applications for you or your customers from any place in the world.
Only the minimum requirement that the cloud ask for is “ The Internet with a computer.

Now suddenly the next question rises in your mind is :
What are the services vendors provide in the cloud ?

Basically, there are three main services that are provided by vendors in the cloud :

1. IaaS : This is the service that resides in the most bottom layer of all the other services.
The service is called “ Infrastructure As A Service “.
The name itself suggests that in this service, the vendor provides the whole
infrastructure (Storage, networking & access) to you for your usage or to upload to web
for your customers. They maintain all the hectic hardware and you just need to pay them
the rent according to your usage.

2. PaaS : Coming exactly above this IaaS is the PaaS also known as the “ Platform As A Service.
PaaS is specifically for Developers. What cloud computing companies like Google do
is, they provide the platform of different languages to you like java,Python etc. So that
you can develop your app and provide your work to the customers and charge from
them in return.
Benefit of this service is that the deployment and testing of your app becomes a lot

3. SaaS : A lot more of people now a days might be using Dropbox, Google Drive etc for storing
their photos and their other personal stuff. That is nothing but the SaaS known as
Software As A Service. So this term will not need any more explanation. You can
just use the services that the provider or vendor provides you.

Getting your picture clear on the different services, another question that pops up in your mind is :

How many types of cloud are there?

Well the answer is :

1. Private : One can setup their own cloud with all the required hardware and IT team for
2. Public : You can rent a cloud for that and you will have to pay for whatever services
you use. All the headache of the IT team and maintainance will be taken care
of by the cloud provider.
3. Hybrid : It is a combination of both public and private cloud in which you rent some
services by using public cloud and other services reside in your private cloud.

So the general picture might be clear to you now on what is actually Cloud Computing and how you can be benefited by using the same

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